Folder name as tag

It used to be the case that DevonThink would automatically tag a note with the name of the folder in which it is located. For example, if I have a folder called “Meetings” and create a note in the folder, that note would be tagged “Meetings.” This has ceased to be true. Has something changed in the recent release? Or have I accidentally reset something? It’s a very handy feature that I’d like to have back. Thanks for any advice.

As noted in the Release Notes for version 2.3 of the DEVONthink applications, the default for the option to exclude groups from tagging is now checked in File > Database Properties for each database. The previous default was to leave the box for that option unchecked.

This was done in response to user comments from those who wish to restrict tagging to tags created in the Tags group.

The previous behavior will be restored, if you wish to see groups as tags, by choosing File > Database Properties for each database and unchecking the option to exclude groups from tagging.

Thank you.

I unchecked the option, i see the tag in the tag bar for every file inside the group/folder; but i don’t see the tag in the tag folder…

it seems that the tag is just in the file,not in the tag folder too…

is it the way it should work?

In this way, the only way in which it becomes useful to me is:

  • the Adavnced search…
  • the tag view
    but not in the tag folder…

It’d be nice to have the option to consider it as a real tag too

If you uncheck the option to exclude groups from tagging, DEVONthink treats groups as tags in the Tags bar, Advanced button searches for tags, and in the Tags view.

But these tags should NOT be in the Tags group; there are differences and they should be maintained. For one thing, groups should contain documents as content and Tag groups should not contain documents as content. You will note that in the Tags view group tags and Tags have different colors.