folder path

Need help with file/folder paths in DTPO.

I have an HTML document with relative links to a folder at the same level as the .html file (root/index.html, root/index_files) in the Finder and the images and CSS work fine.

I drag/dropped those two files into a new Group in DTPO and the links are now broken even though it appears that the folder path is the same, MainPage is now the “root” (MainPage/index.html, MainPage/index_files)

I’m guessing it’s the way DTPO creates it’s database structure and it’s not really as it appears. Is there a work around?

The only workaround right now is to not import these files but to index them.

That did work. Ideally I’d like them inside the db, but for this specific project it works, I can now search the content of HTML pages within DTPO.

Am I right in that the way DTPO manages the data that what appears to be an index.html file and it’s folder of images/css at the same directory level are not in fact at the same level?


The internal file/folder structure is completely different and might change every then and now.