Folder script to rename items


Just wondering if it is possible to attach a script to a folder that will rename every file that is put into the folder? I’d like to have a script that strips out certain characters from the filename (_,/,-, etc). But I figured I’d make sure it was possible before driving myself insane.


Are you talking about files inside folders i[/i] in DEVONthink? (It may seem obvious to ask but the details matter in any programming. :slight_smile: ) And the short answer is yes.

bangersandmash, Just wondering if you ever came up with the script you mentioned here. That sounds like exactly what I’m looking for, but I don’t know enough about scripting to make it happened. (I attempted something based on the renaming “Replace Text” script that comes with DTPO, but I clearly wasn’t doing it correctly.)

I would be very interested in learning if this script was developed, because it sounds like just what I’m looking for. Any updates on the progress?

Nothing specifically was developed as a result of this post. As I said, the details matter, even if it’s just renaming based on the Group name.