folder structure


is it possible to save original folder structure in the file system after import?
for example, it is very annoying to search files in database folder in case of attach any of them to the mail thru menu file->attach

thanx in advance

Do you mean the group structure in the database? This can be exported via File > Export > As Files & Folders…

Not exactly. I mean that the structure of folders in …/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/… is not exact as the group structure in DT. And that is why it is difficult to find any file using Finder

I don’t know wether I understand your problem. But if you want to use a file that is inside the DTP database somewhere else, you can simply drag it from any occurrence in DTP (search list, split view, etc. even from a viewer window) into the desired App (if this App is drag&drop aware). E.g. using it as Mail attachment, simply drag it onto Mail in the Dock and you’ll get a new Message with the file as attachment. Same works for Pages, Indesign, Mail, Safari etc.
If you need to use the standard open dialog of the OS, you can drag the file from DTP into the open dialog and you’ll get the desired path to proceed as if you have digged it on your own.


correct. but sometimes it is really easier to use standard open dialog of the OS without drag-n-drop (mostly i don’t use mouse or/and trackpad). Maybe it is just in my mind but i feel discomfort about this. Should I put up with this inconvenience? Or there are some other solutions exist except drag-n-drop?

(This my “switch problem” is because earlier I used Together and the structure of folders inside Together was exact as in Finder)

You should not use the Finder to poke around in the folder structure of the database. You will do so at your own risk. You can use our application to access files in there and modify their location in our database. You can enable Spotlight and find things through the Finder search (if you want to access the file through the original application from there we have an Automator workflow example that you can save as a Service menu item).
If you insist that you want a folder structure as in the Finder but access it also through our application, you will have to index and not import it. You may lose some advantages, check the online help and the forum for pros and cons.

i see… sad

in Together i liked autoindexing feature: if i dropped file into indexed folder in Finder, it instantly appeared inside Together… another example is Hazel’s streamline feature: Hazel - streamline files, Together - index it…

but all the same DT is great application!
thanx for replies

offtop: is it possible to move files into database instead of copy it?

I do this by putting the global inbox in the Finder’s sidebar. Saving or dragging files to the global inbox moves them to the database.

You’re too quick for me, Greg. :slight_smile:

You might try the “Reveal in Finder” command. It will pop up a Finder window showing whatever file you inquired about.