Folders vs individual files in sidebar

Having spent days (seems like very happy weeks) populating DT (3.7 on 11.3) with data from EagleFiler, learning my way around DT and configuring/organising it just as I want, I realise there are still a couple of things that I’ve either overlooked or misunderstood:

  1. I have built a top level structure for all my docs/files based on areas of interest (‘Arts and Science’, ‘Finance’, ‘Computer’ etc… seven top level Groups corresponding the the seven colours available). But when I open a top level Group’s disclosure triangle in the Sidebar and drag a (new) file into one of those Groups - or for that matter into any Group which has child Groups that display in the Item List - such a ‘new’ individual file does appear in the Item List but does not appear in the parent folder in the Sidebar. Is that normal behaviour, and can it be changed with a Preference?
  2. Is there a Preference which controls/sets the View for the Item List, or do I have to go to View > View as… (…Items, …List, …Columns) each time?

Thanks in advance to someone who can help me understand and fine tune this amazing piece of software :slight_smile: !

  1. Yes, that’s normal behavior. The Navigate sidebar does not show files. Files are only shown in the item list.

  2. There is not such a preference and each database or main window can have its own set of columns. However, if you enable Preferences > Interface > Sidebar > Retain View, it will override any database specific settings for the view, e.g., List versus Icon view.
    However this does not pertain to columns. Development would have to assess if columns could or should be retained as well.

Perfect answers as always, Jim; thank you - very helpful !

My pleasure :slight_smile: