What a great program…I just registered this week and am thrilled with all the power and simplicity of DevonThink.

I do have a suggestion, though, that I’d really love to see included in the text editor: the ability to do indent and/or explicit ‘folding’ of text.  

Basically, this allows one to do outlining in a text editor simply by using indented tabs, and to hide blocks of indented material temporarily while focussing on other stuff.  This is great for programming and great for outlining and text editing.  I actually think it would provide a ‘simple’ add-on to devon-think in that adding this one feature would make devon think a very powerful outlining program, in that one could do outlining via groups on the left side column and then local text folding, grouping, and moving in the text edit window.

So for example, if one typed:

This is a section
 This is a sub-section
 This is another sub-section
   This is a sub-sub-section
Another top-level section

a small triangle could be allowed to appear next to the first three lines that would allow that either the section, sub-section, or sub-sub-section to be temporarily ‘folded’ and thus hidden.  Then clicking on the triangle would allow the text to be revealed again.  

What this would allow is a ‘clean’ text editor format, but allow for a more advanced form of editing, outlining, thinking to be used, that would still be compatible with wiki, etc.

I’m not sure if I’ve explained this clearly enough, but a really nice example of the various ways in which folding can be used is to be found in the open source “JEdit”.

Is there any chance such a thing could be implemented in Devonthink?  I’d take as a second best the ability to open files externally in Jedit and have them be updated in the DT database automatically.  But Jedit doesn’t work with rich text, which is something I would desparately like to see.



Thanks for the suggestion. The ability to "collapse" or "expand" text might be added to a future release but there will be a different approach coming in version 1.9. A "merge" view will provide the possibility to view multiple selected contents as one (and print them for example that way).