Following links from db docs causes clipping difficulties

I own DTPO, DTagent, and DT2G, fwiw.

if i open a doc in my db using dt2g, i dont see an easy way to clip that “secondary” doc. i’ve resorted to opening the first doc directly from dt2g, but then opening that url (assuming it’s a bookmark or archive) in Safari. then I canuse the Clip to Devonthink button in the Share menu.

is there a better way? seems weird that I have to leave DT2G in order to get new things into it.

— jdm

No, it’s not currently possible to clip while actively browsing links in DEVONthink To Go. It may be a feature in a future release.

can it be config’d to open bookmarks and such with Safari then?

No. DEVONthink To Go only has specific options available in its Settings.