Following local links

Throwing at you an idea …

Suppose I download an article series.

They are no website, just four articles that form a coherent series on whatever website.

Now, when I click on a link in one of them that points to another one of them, I would like the possibility to be brought to the local copy of the linked article.

Because I already have downloaded it as a clutter-free webarchive, and because I’d rather navigate my clutter-free, annotated and tagged copy of a resource than to reopen it online.

This behaviour could be implemented by matching the link with the URL field that webarchives have.

I understand this is my desire (local copy first) and that others and that it might not be the desire of others. That’s why the choice should be given.

Can’t you do this right now by including an Item Link to the next article in the series?

My example is only an example. What I want is that when i click on a http link in DT, that Dt checks if i own a copy of it somewhere and proposes it to me.

In this perspective, adding xlinks is overkill.

This sounds computationally expensive, but Development can chiime in.

Computationally expensive? Probably not. On click of a link, DT would have to query the open indexes for items with URL field equivalent to the clicks link URL.

Whatever the storage model behind DT indexes, it is a rather trivial task nowadays.

Let’s see what the devs think.

Thanks for the suggestion! It’s definitely possible but so far the only request as far as I can remember (and I at least guess that most people prefer the online version).