Font display for web clip in DT3

Normally I use “cluster-free layout” when doing web clip, and the font display in DT3 is fine.

Is it possible to choose another font than the default? In the Preference-Web, I choose different fonts for “Standard” and “Fixed-width”, but it seems this has no effect. I also apply a sample css stylesheet, in which again a different body font-family is defined, but DT3 takes no difference neither, the paragraph padding in the stylesheet seems working though.

Any suggestions, thanks.

Which format do you use for clipping?

Web archive, Clutter-free

One workaround is to use Markdown. Afterwards a smart rule could convert the clippings to HTML or formatted notes. The advantages are that these formats are compatible to all platforms and that the Markdown stylesheet (see Preferences > Media) is used or, if no stylesheet is defined, the rich text font (see Preferences > Editing).

Yes, the font setting works on Markdown clipping.

In the meantime, I try to alter font settings in Preference > Editing, e.g. Font-family and color for Background and Text, but my Rich text notes doesn’t seem to be affected, and remain as previous font size and colors (background and text)?

The colors are only used in fullscreen mode.

DT3 is in fullscreen mode, and the settings (font, color) does not seem to work.

Running the app in full screen mode is not the same as opening a document full screen. Those preferences are for opening the document full screen.

Currently the font setting in DT 3.01 (Preference > Editing) for “Rich Text & Note” is not working, in terms of font-type, font-size, background and text-color, neither in “Fullscreen” mode.

“Plain Text” works fine on the other hand, for all of the above settings.

Did you try View > Fullscreen > Document?

Tried and same results, that font settings works for “Plain text” but not “Rich and Formatted”, in both normal view and fullscreen mode.

In addition when try to switch windows between normal and fullscreen, and between plain text and formatted, sometimes the viewing windows (when switch back from fullscreen) will freeze and cannot be closed - and exit DT won’t resolve it and a reboot is required.

Both plain/rich text documents should use the settings (in case of rich text only the colors are used, not the font) but formatted notes don’t support this.

Please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key and send the result to cgrunenberg - at - - thanks!