Font display size changes between machines

I’ve seen a lot of font size questions and frustrations, but I’ve not been able to find this one in the forum and it’s driving me batty.

I have DT running on my laptop and on my desktop. I make sure only one is running at a time and I do a full dupe of the user files (using Chronosync) when I switch between machines, so the files are identical on the two machines.

But since a recent upgrade, RTF documents I create on my desktop using Times 14 are a nice readable size on that screen, but when I transfer them to my laptop, though the font is still Times 14, it appears tiny. I had to set the default RTF font to be 24 point on my laptop to be equally readable.

This is not a monitor issue. In both cases I am displaying on a Mac Cinema HD monitor with the same resolution (1920x1280). This is not a problem with documents I view in any other application on the two machines.

Really? Has no one else had this problem? Copying a database from one file to another RTF notes show up in completely different screen font sizes? It’s driving me batty…

Is “View > Actual Size” selected when you view the tiny-type-RTF?