Font size control of search field

See screenshot, when dealing with Asian fonts it takes a lot of strain to see the typed in string (for correction). I end up using Mac’s Accessibility zoom-with-option-key-and-trackpad but there’s constant zooming in and out. For example here, note the tsek characters (hanging dots) that separates syllables in Tibetan…) It’s easy to forget to type one of those in resulting in wrong searches. I think various other non-Latin languages has the same issue of lack of clarity in smaller (default) font sizes.

Any chance this field’s font size could be adjusted via a preference?

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider this for future releases.

Thanks. Also another possibility, as search is maybe one of the most used functions in DevonThink, you could bring up a larger floating search panel similar to Spotlight or Alfred, centered in the middle of the screen or something similar. This pane would have much larger fonts. The search would just be related to what you could do in the current search pane, no need to extend to open up more complex search fields.

I have Alfred tied to command-command and it’s the most used feature I have on my Mac just now. So if I could hit option-option to bring up this search field/pane inside DevonThink – with larger font size – thart would be amazing.

Now I’m sure there’s an Alfred workflow that does this already but it requires the paid version and it requires going back and forth between app while this kind of search pane could be built-in for fastest possible response.