Font size & format when clipping web page to DTPO

Is there a way to manipulate the font size and the document properties when clipping a web page to DTPO in PDF format?

My efforts to this point have produced PDFs that have very small fonts, typical rendering uses 5 point Times font. Also, the typical capture has a narrow column of text in the middle with 3" margins left and right.

Many web pages have a built-in print feature that sends only the text to the printer. Using the print driver’s built in “save to PDF”, saving to desktop and then dropping into the inbox produces PDF pages that are more easily read.

But it would be nice if this could be managed directly within the web clipping service.

Any ideas?

I can’t help you with the font rendering when using the clipper, but you can simplify the capture process when printing to a PDF. Install the PDF Services option when running the DEVONthink ‘Install Add-Ons’ function and you can ‘print’ the PDFs directly to DEVONthink.

Yup. Got that one. It helps a bit.

@lbrown, are you getting the tiny-print with all sites in all browsers?

I recall that there was a print problem like this with an early release of Lion – are you on 10.7.2 and DEVONthink 2.3.2? You might try removing the browser plugin and reinstalling it.