Font size offset when printing

when printing rich text documents the font size is reduced nearly by half on the printed doc. If I copx the same text in word it prints 1:1. This happens for all the font types. The repair option didn’t find errors. Very strange.

Thanks for your help!

Printing of texts via DT is currently equal to printing texts via TextEdit which are not (!) wrapped to page margins. This means that the text is scaled if the window is too wide.

I have to admit I haven’t heavily used dtpro for any word processing until recently, and I just ran into this annoying behavior. Actually, I had run into it before (small printing sizes for unknown reasons) and just ignored it. But as screens get bigger and wider, this becomes pretty annoying. After reading this post and thinking about it a while, I see the problem: there really is no way in textedit to set margins, so text edit just figures that you want the window size to determine how the text will look when printed. The result is that on a large document you can get widely different paginations by just resizing the window a little bit.

There are two things worth noting, however, that might recommend ways of improving upon the current behavior.

The first would be to give dtpro a menu command to set document margins and then respect them whenever printing. This would mean no matter what size the window is, the computer should format according to the margins when printing.

The second way would be to do something a little like textedit does, which is to provide a command that tells devonthink to format—> wrap to page, and conforms the printout to those arbitrary and fixed (1 inch margins).
See bottom of
Without one of these changes, printing is extremely unpredictable, because you will never get the same result twice unless your windows were exactly the same size both times.

At any rate, these just mentioned because one of those two changes would really improve dtpro’s ability to print a nice looking rich text document. I should also mention the other thread where this has come up: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2461&p=12132&hilit=printing+font+size#p12132


I just got very confused by this; ironically I’ve been using TextEdit for rich notes, but my default window size in TextEdit is “good enough” that the printouts all looked right, and the DEVONthink printouts all looked wrong. Go figure.

Here’s a thread that seems to confirm erico’s theory:

It seems that TextEdit defaults to “Wrap to Window”, which really means “Make it look good on screen, and make the printout look like the screen”. But you can change that to “Wrap to Page”, which really means “Make printouts use the explicit font size, margins, etc. the way we now expect modern applications to work”.

I think DT should include that Wrap to Page functionality, and offer a way to make it default. Outside of TextEdit, I can’t think of any place I’ve seen the current behavior in the past 10 years; it’s Print Shop vs. PageMaker.