Font size rendering inconsistencies and persistence

Been using Devonthink for a while now and very much enjoying it as my collection grows.

However, there’s one annoyance that keeps popping up. I hope I’m simply missing something in my setup.

The problem has to do with font rendering consistency and persistence in viewing of documents (of varying kinds).

This post talks about some of the issues, but I’ll list the most common I run into here:

  • If you set the “list view/column view” font size to Lucida 12 and you set the “Web Standard” font size to Lucida 12, you get two significantly different sizes. The web font is very tiny. You have to double the size of the web standard to get a font size that’s visually comparable to the standard font
  • When you view a pdf, it’s very very tiny. I have no idea how a human being could read it. But the problem is I cannot find away to set a default zoom. Nor does DT remember the zoom settings for a document between views. I find myself constantly zooming in on documents.
  • Style sheets for web view. As I understand your custom style sheets are applied on top of the selected base style. But how do I determine the tags, id’s, and classes that I need to override for RSS and such? I can’t find a way to view the source within DT so I can determine this. (with RSS this is particularly problematic since DT is my default RSS reader. So I’d have to unset that, view source in Safari, modify custom style, then reset default to DT for every new RSS I add).

This might depend on the website but screen rendering and web rendering is handled by Mac OS X and therefore it should work like in any other application.

We will add a default zoom to an upcoming release.

You could either have a look at the default style sheets (see .css files in folder Contents > Resources of application package) or switch to the source view via the navigation bar above the document pane.