Font used for Sheet Data is List View font-How change it?

In Preferences>General, I have selected a font for List View that I find unsuitable for data. This choice helps me visually navigate the UI because the fonts used for the Sidebars and records lists are visually distinct from the fonts used in my data records.

However, the data in a Sheet is shown using the List View font. I would expect that absent the ability to specifically define a font for Sheet data, one of the fonts defined for Plain Text or Rich Text would be used, because this is data, not metadata (as are the names of records etc. that are shown in the Sidebars and in the record list).

(I would also expect that the font used for the column headers in Sheets would use the List View font, but this issue is less important to me than the font used for the data in sheets.)

How can I set the font used for data in a Sheet to one of the fonts to be used by data, and retain my choice for List View font? Am I missing something here?

Sheets are currently using the list view font but we might add another preference to select a dedicated font for sheets.

For my purposes, simply using the List View font for column headers in sheets, and the Rich Text font for data in sheets, would suffice (and may be easier to implement?). Thanks.