For an indexed file I see in DEVONthink two records

I’m stuck with a strange problem: Inside an indexed folder I see in DEVONthink Protwo records pointing to the same file:

When I click “Show in Finder” on either of them it shows me the same file in the same directory. However both entries have different “x-devonthink” ids!

One of the entries has strange quote characters in the URL field (scroll to the right in the screenshot) - no idea where they come from!

I’m pretty sure I did not create replicas of this file. So how can this situation arise? And can I just delete one of the two entries?

You can delete one of the records, the file in the Finder won’t be deleted.

Thanks Christian.

Any idea why this possibly could happen?

Also when I empty the trash after deleting the duplicate indexed file, i get the warning:

Can I safely delete the indexed item in the trash or will than the one on disk be deleted?

The file won’t be deleted if there’s still another item in the database which indexes the same file. In the worst case the file would be in the Finder’s trash. But there’s no known bug that creates indexed records on its own.