For Dt developer rrix: Update on Mac to Mac Sync, puhlease?!

My wife and I collaborate all the time and I’s dearly love to be able to combine our efforts in building databases of resources for our web development projects. The Mac to Mac sync you mentioned that you were totally focused on and making great progress on, is EXACTLY what we need.

Is there any chance you can give us some feedback on the current status of the development?

If you’re looking for any testing/feedback we’re very good at breaking things in new an creative ways and providing useful post-mortem feedback and sequence of events. :slight_smile:

Actually, my wife (Susan) is beyond brilliant at breaking things, and I’ve got a background in application development and support so I’m used to gathering enough details to be useful. :wink:

In any case, we DEEPLY appreciate your work and can’t wait for the result! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all you are doing…

(of James and Susan)

First off, thanks for the interest. It’s great to know that my work is going to help you guys! :slight_smile:

As you might imagine, implementing syncing is a fairly major undertaking, and so even though progress is well along, it’s not quite ready for external testing. Internal testing is underway, however; Eric and Criss have been playing with builds of the sync plugin for a while now.

Direct Mac-to-Mac syncing is, coincidentally, this week’s task. I expect to have this feature ready for internal testing shortly, modulo some of the complexities of the required UI.


Thanks very much for the response, we totally understand just how complex syncing can get and really appreciate the effort you’re putting into it. It’s the kind of function that can be relatively simple under ideal circumstances, unfortunately the huge array of potential circumstances extends FAR beyond the ideal. :wink:

We’re fortunate in that our general day in day out usage will be in a direct, hardwired network, and we’re generally not going to be editing each others entries, mostly just adding new pictures and documents to a mirrored DB. But once the DB is filled there will certainly be editing/tagging etc. If there’s anything we can do to help in any way, just let us know.

Just know that you’re our hero of the week for working on exactly what we need most! Everyone deserves to know how important what they do is to others… :wink:

(of James and Susan)

When you are ready for Testing syncing (Alpha / Beta ) Let me know this has been one feature that has me looking to other apps to fill the need. But before you think i’m a negative nancy, I keep coming back to DT in short the others suck. I’ve been pinning for this feature for a couple years now, so please consider me as a testing resource.


I believe Eric will post on the blog when we do a private beta. We’d be happy to have you test it at that time! :slight_smile:


Just as an update, we’re getting really close to the beta release. I’ve only got one (relatively complicated but not horrendously so) feature left to finish off for the beta—modulo any bugfixes or anything else last-minute that we decide has to be in there.

Thanks for bearing with us!

Even though this is an old thread, I’d like to echo the original posters sentiment about mac to mac sync. It is, without a doubt, the most important missing feature. So, in the couple of months that have gone by since the last post on this topic, I’m wondering how the development has been progressing? I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for this critical capability.

Wanted to touch base on this issue in the new year. We would dearly love to be involved in the Beta testing if that’s still open/going on?

My wife and I have started using OmniFocus along with DT in our web development and online community management projects. The syncing in OmniFocus has really underscored for us just how huge an impact for us a solid DT sync would be. Being able to share DT Databases to house content/research and other archives and have them interconnected to OmniFocus tasking would be amazing.

In any case, thanks again for all your efforts in 2011, and we look forward to reaping the benefits in 2012. :slight_smile:


We have been hearing for many months (more than a year) that mac to mac sync is almost here. I emailed just to see what was going on with this development a few weeks ago, and heard nothing back.

I use a desktop mac at home and macbook air when out. I suspect there are many with the need for mac to mac syncing. I KNOW this can be challenging, but at a minimum, I’d ask that the developers PLEASE communicate with their end users about what is going on.

Is this even still in active development? If so, is it coming shortly (next 1-2 months) or longer? I totally get the need to not create false expectations, but some information would be very helpful.

If sync has been abandoned, please let us know, so those of us who really need this feature can consider looking for workarounds or other alternatives. Thanks.

100% agree!!

Perhaps we hear something new about syncing this week.

Info about updates to Kissell’s Take Control of Getting Started with Devonthink 2:

"It’s now Friday, March 9, 2012. I am producing a new edition of the DEVONthink ebook today. According to Joe, this new edition reflects changes in no less than twelve small updates to DEVONthink 2.x! However, the new edition also talks about a yet-to-be-divulged new DEVONthink feature. All the usual software development delays have happened here—personal schedules, unintended bugs, etc. The folks at DEVONtechnologies are working hard to make this new feature available next week. If they do, we’ll be hot on their heals with a hot-off-the-virtual-presses ebook. If they encounter further delays, however, we’ll be waiting.

[March 19: With a go-ahead from DEVONtechnologies, we now plan to release the new ebook this week! If you are looking for an update, watch your email for an update notice, or (on the PDF) click the Check for Updates button on the cover. In the EPUB, look for a link in the Read Me First.]"


Let us spread hope together. :mrgreen:

Hope dies last and is the first to reappear… :unamused:

I have just posted something to the blog that elaborates about the current state of the sync. I have posted it to the blog so that not only you as forum users can read it, but everyone following us.