For info and caution - DT mail plug-ins will not work with 10.15 betas -

For anyone thinking of diving into Catalina, be aware that doing so will prevent the DT mail plug-ins from working. This is by (Apple) design. The DT team will, I’m sure, have them working for the 10.15 release - but we can’t reasonably expect them to issue changes for a beta that will change radically between now and release.

This is, of course, on. top of the WARNING not use a Mac OS beta on critical systems. Not that anyone wise enough to use DT would be that reckless :smiley:

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A reinstallation of the Mail plugin might be sufficient but in case of any internal Apple Mail changes or additional barriers more work might be necessary. In the meantime at least the scripts should work.

Reinstallation doesn’t work. The files are there in the Bundles folder but Mail/Preferences/General/Manage Plug-ins presents an empty window, so the plug-in can’t be activated. I’ve tried delete/reinstall, check permissions and so on

It may be a bug in Catalina - there’s all kinds of weirdness with permissions and file locations.

This is, of course, on. top of the WARNING not use a Mac OS beta on critical systems.


Especially with beta software - just makes it harder to diagnose which beta is the source of any issues.

Question: DT3b2 does not pass from splash screen on Catalina. I have automatic plugin update and I think that is the problem.

How can I disable that to allow DT3 run?

PS: Yes, it is a beta macOS MacBook Pro with a beta DT3 not in production. No serious injuries here if this won’t work anymore.

Could you please create a sample first? Just launch Apple’s Activity Monitor application (see Applications > Utilities), choose DEVONthink 3 in the list of processes, select the menu item View > Sample Process while DEVONthink 3 is frozen and send the result to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks in advance!


Thanks. But so far no sample in my inbox. Did you send it to me or to support?

Direct to you. Email caption is “DT3 process sampling on splash screen on Catalina”. Perhaps it is in spam.

Is the domain “”? Sent to that and no rejection email.

Got the sample, thanks!

The iCloud initialization of the sync freezes the app actually. Did you grant DEVONthink 3 access in System Preferences > iCloud > iCloud Drive?

There are some significant issues with iCloud Drive in this beta of Catalina. The sync process (between the cloud and the Mac local storage) does not appear to work properly. As a result, files are not downloading to local storage and thus can’t be acted on by applications or services.

Yes, it is enabled.

BTW, my MacBook Pro is blowing like hell and TG Pro is complaining about more than 100 CPU degrees. Clouddd, photoanalysisd and other iCloud related stuff are using ALL CPU…

Probably the same issue in all cases. Maybe disabling iCloud completely will help.

Once disabled iCloud Drive, despite the fact that the MacBook Pro continues blowing like hell and cloudd is still eating all cpu usage, DT3 runs.

I am having the issue …worked fine before I rebooted …now can’t get by splash screen.

This is what I encountered thus far:

  • DT uses 32bit OCR tools - doesn’t work (10.15 is 64bit only!)
  • Mail is a new version, pluugins don’t work.
  • Any sync deamon (Photo’s, iCloud) are buggy as hell and take up almost all CPU

Which version of DEVONthink do you use? The OCR engine of version 3 is 64-bit.

DT2 Office Pro