For sometime Sync has been messing with my database names

I use DT3 on OSX 10.14 and DTTG3 under iPadOs and iOS.
At one point in time in the past (so before DTTG3), the sync has started renaming my databases randomly, by replacing the name of the DB by the name of a file (each time, it was a PDF file, but no idea if that is systematic).
For example, my database Research becomes named wealthofnations.pdf on the iPAD and this problem is diffused to the Mac thanks to sync.

By the way, after havinf passed to DTTG3, I ended up by deleting all my Dbs on the iPad and syncing from scratch using Bonjour from the Mac.
I will stop using Dropbox for syncing and use the new iCloud sync, hoping to meet less problems (after installing DTTG3 and under DB syncing, some DBs were remaining desperately empty on the iPAD even if the details of the syncing location tells me that the DB has finishing syncing).

  • Is this a particular database this has occurred with?
  • Has it occurred more than once?

In the past, it was happening with the same DB, changing its name to the name of a pdf contained in a subgroup, very strangely.
Today, when I was trying different synching solutions (since the one I was using, via Dropbox, does not seem to work), at one point it has done it to another DB. I have renamed it on the iPad and the Mac to its original name and that seems to have solved the problem for now.
But I continue to not understand how DT fetches the name of an obscure file to put it as the DB name??? I could not easily do it if I wanted :slight_smile:

Something more: in the first case, it has always chosen the same file name. For the second I cannot yet say, since the problem has not repeated itself.

By the way, the Sync is continuing to mess with my files even if I use the CloudKit method. While DT was synching, Dropbox has just asked me if I need to delete a file out of DB and it was an indexed file in DT. That is becoming very worrying. All my research and working documents are in DT and I would like to think that they are safe there :frowning:

I do backups, but I do not know that the file has been deleted/corrupted, it will be gone in the next backup :frowning: