force DT to use specified font when converting to PDF?

I save web articles to PDF format in readable form, using three tools:

  • and Readability’s Chome extension
  • DevonThink Pro Offce
  • DevonThink’s convert-webpage-to-PDF bookmarklet, which is the button labeled “PDF” here.

That bookmarklet is Javascript:


My process is:

  1. view an article on Google Chrome
  2. in Chrome, hit the “Readability Read Now” button (from the Readability extension)
  3. in Chrome, hit the DevonThink’s convert-webpage-to-PDF bookmarklet button (this creates a PDF, puts it in my currently open DevonThink database, and also automatically opens DevonThink)
  4. Command-TAB to return to Chrome allows you to log in and create an account, choose one of three default fonts, and save your settings.

My goal is to choose one of those fonts—not the default one—and force the conversion to PDF to use that font

Until recently, my method to do this worked: From within DevonThink Pro, I went to, logged into my Readability account, changed the font, and saved the settings. Then, when I hit the PDF button in Chrome, I would get PDFs with my favorite font.

This no longer works. I guess DevonThink is no longer finding my Readability preferences.

How I can force DevonThink to use my favorite Readability font when it converts to PDF?

(Bonus question: how can I modify that Javascript so it brings focus back to my Chrome window after it opens DevonThink?)

Did you update DEVONthink or Mac OS X?

Both. I’m now on El Capitan, and running DevonThink Pro Office 2.87. I’m not sure which I updated first or when it stopped working. But I can confirm as of today that it doesn’t work.

This might be a result of the revised security/cookie handling of El Capitan, certain things that used to work don’t work any longer in Safari or DEVONagent over here too.