Force name change to a short date

I have a dirty Smart Rule to change the name of a daily note template to year%%month%%day. Problem is it gives me the four digit year “2023” as opposed to “23”. Is there a way to change this, so I get 23.10.17, as opposed to 2023.10.17. I can’t figure it out. Thanks.

Not without scripting. This was also recently asked about so a forum search would have told you similar.
Also, we do not recommend using a short year to avoid potential issues with date detection in the future.

Noted. Thanks. I used to always use long year but now have an affinity for short. Nothing I can’t get over. Hah.

You’re welcome!
I have always found YYMMDD to be too confusing, especially since I don’t exist in a vacuum and have to deal with many permutations of dates from our userbase.