forced quit all the time

DA refuses to shut down properly, and when it does this, it’s apparently not clearing the cache.

It’ll crash (force quit) next time start up, and I have to keep doing this process until it finally starts and stops properly.

What can I look for?

Patience. :slight_smile:

I suspect that you’ve set DA Preferences > Search to cache downloaded pages, and also to clear the cache on quit.

There’s nothing “wrong” with those settings. But if you’ve done a lot of searching the cache can be enormous. If so, it may take quite a while to clear the cache and quit.

So if you don’t want to have delays when you attempt to quit DEVONagent, turn off that option to clear the cache on quit.

With that setting the cache will continue to grow. You can clear it either by selecting DEVONagent > Empty Cache (don’t be impatient if this takes a long time). Or, (with DEVONagent not open) go to ~/Library/Caches/ and delete the DEVONagent folder inside the Caches folder. This is, of course, the quicker of the two options.

Yes, you’re correct, I cache a lot, and I search a lot. Still trying to get used to the program.

I use it for blogging research mostly…

Anyway, where is information on functionality difference if I don’t cache the pages? What information is pulled local, just URL’s?

Thanks. …