Forced Subscription Model Coming?

Ahh, another ‘oldie but goodie’ (does that mean we a pre-boomers??). I remember going to Palo Alto to visit the mom-pop software stores with badges of apps on the walls in the 80’s. Lots of fun back then, software is better these days!

Actually, I made the first retail sale of a personal computer in Austin, Texas.

I was manager of Mr. Calculator in Dobie Mall, just across 21st street from UT Austin.

Chuck Peddle was a silent partner in Mr. Calculator. My store got the first Commodore PET (Personal Electronic Transactor) in Texas in 1977 ahead of any TRS-80 or Apple systems on Austin store shelves.

A double-E student bought that first PET. I ran across him by chance in an Internet forum a while back.

His PET served as a learning system, was set aside for more capable tools, and might have ended its days in neglect.

However, the EE student found work at Balcones Labs in Austin and needed to log instrument output collected over multidrop RS-422. There wasn’t a budget for a fancy data logging machine, but the retired PET had an RS-422 interface.

A few lines of 6502 code later and the PET was happily churning out instrument logs. When he left Balcones Labs in the 1990’s, the improbable little PET was still on the job, faithfully presenting research data.

That makes it not only the first personal computer sold in Austin, but among the longest-serving.

I think of it as The Little Computer That Could.

Those were grand times. We sold every PET we could get, which was pitifully few, and a number of KIM-1 systems. On Saturdays, a regular crowd of math and calculator nerds would stop by.

Like the song says, “Those were the days, my friend, we thought they’d never end…”

They do charge for the (perpetual model) software releases, right?\

Not for most of those releases.

I bought DEVONthink Pro Office in 2012. They released many (dozens?) of updates after I purchased it, and never charged me for any of them.

So far as I recall, I got seven years of free updates before they charged me for Devonthink 3.

Unless all the programmers & testers at Devon are volunteers, that means they had to pay salaries to those people for 7 years, all without generating any new revenue from me.


Does that mean you don’t expect minor revisions and bug fixes? Or just that you expect Devon to give them to you for free?

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In-house we are not and yes that’s true. :slight_smile:


A lot of people have left their 2 cents in this and similar threads. Under the circumstances, I think they should be yours :moneybag: :moneybag:



I look forward to many years of using DevonThink, and paying for it in a sustainable way!


Have I missed something?

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You can put them in my tin cup :cry::wink:


I was multitasking beyond my abilities. I’ve fixed it!

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