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Add me to the parade of people seeing this notification. I reactivated without problem. Running Big Sur on a 2019 MacBookPro 16"


Exactly the same here. I had to reenter my registration. Strange that it vanished suddenly.

See the post above…

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So did I. As I did nothing special the days before except restarting my computer, I was perplexed to see this reminder. I re-entered my licence code and all was good.

Happened on 2 of my 3 seats. No idea why one “escaped.” Have fun with all the tech support questions in about a month :slight_smile:

Welcome @BermudaAl

What’s happening in a month?

All those licenses out there will expire. Both mine said something in the range of 25-30 days. If I hadn’t read this forum and reset them, I would have had no idea why I was suddenly not registered…

Easy solution - thanks everyone for the suggestion to re-enter license info. It worked like a charm! :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah, c’mon @Blanc. @BigFish is working in (at least) a second language. Probably they didn’t intend to be “thoroughly unpleasant,” just surprised and a little upset and trying to get things ironed out.

No need to escalate things – particularly after they said that the matter had ended for them.

Be well everyone! These are trying times and I know I, at least, am weary and on edge a lot. Let’s be nice to each other, please.

Welcome @Michele13
Glad you’re up and running again. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your thoughts. We strive to keep a relaxed and light atmosphere in here. :slight_smile:

Also noticed this while running 3.5.2, FWIW. Happened directly after system restart.
Reentering reg info fixed issue.

My first thought was to be incredibly embarrassed for not having purchased a copy of DT3, as I was well aware of all the incredible work that went into the betas. And the tremendous post-launch efforts to make further adjustments moving form 3.0 to 3.5.

Fortunately, email records revealed the registration info! It took all of 2 minutes to fix. Just a glitch folks! If you’re curious as to what the excellent DT team does to improve the product, please consider reading the release notes. It gives a glimpse of the serious effort to make this an outstanding product for a range of users.


I’m grateful for your feedback @mjnnyc. You provide an alternative to my interpretation of the OPs words and I appreciate the sentiment of your post.