'Forcing' icon view

Hi there all,

I asked a question a few weeks ago about DevonThink v. Nuance PaperPort & got no replies, so I’m trying again on a different tack. I really like DevonThink, am still not sure it’s the solution for me, but I’d love it to be!

So: is there anyway of ‘forcing’ icon view, such that all the contents of folders & subfolders appear in icon view rather than any other? I can’t seem to get icon view except for what to me effectively are sub-folders. I’ve attached a screenshot - in this example where ‘Computer/Music’ is open, how would everything in this folder permanently be viewed as icons??

Apologies again for my newbie-ness, & thank you to all.


Choose View > as Icons?

Or perhaps check View > Cover Flow? In that mode one can see a relatively large view of the first page of each PDF.

Hi, many thanks for the reply.

My issue is being able to view as icons the contents of folders with the folder structure still visible to the left, which was why I added a screenshot.

By choosing View > as Icons, I only seem to be able to view the “end-folders”, if that makes any sense. This has puzzled me literally for weeks - yes with Icon view I can see my end-folders, but none of the structure which in PaperPort was so useful. I can see benefits to the Cover Flow view, but still prefer the Iconic structure PaperPort provided.

Yep does seem to address this issue, but then misses many of the other benefits I’m led to believe I’ll achieve with DTP once I finally get my head round this program!

Any further thoughts?, or further clarity needed from me?

Thanking you again,


View > as Split should do what you want.