Form Spoofing in a POST Query?

Hi all-

I know I’m not offering much detail here, but I’ve started a plugin to search YaBB Forums. They require a POST config with an accompanying dictionary. I’ve set it up, but get the following response:
Picture 1.png
Although I’m open to the idea I’ve got the POST wrong, I was wondering if this rings a bell with anyone? Is there something about DA’s POST that might be interpreted as a spoof?

Thanks, Charles

POST? What is this? My passing familiarity with that term is “power-on self test” performed by electronic devices, but I’m sure you mean it otherwise.

Either the POST is incomplete/incorrect or the site is blocking the plugin because of too frequent queries.

Thaks for the insight Christian- I’ll try again, but because the particular forum will only return 15 results maximum, :frowning: it was easier and better to query via Google and filter the results from there.

Best, Charles