Format of Rich Text documents


When i convert a document to rich text i am not happy with the format of the document. I would like the text to be formatted in a ceratin way. Is there a way to set the default formatting of created rich text documents?

No, the conversion of PDF/PS documents or of web pages to rich text is completely handled by the appropriate frameworks (PDFKit/WebKit).

About formatting RTF documents, it seems there are “hidden” formatting options, since I tried to convert an HTML page I stored on HD to RTF. I got a strange formatting, with the text on a thin column.
The problem is that I wasn’t able to change it anymore: I tried to select everything with command-a, then I changed the right margin via the slider in the ruler. It was now ok, but as soon as I removed some text, everything was back not the thin column.

Am I right, the user cannot control all the settings of RTF documents?

The WebKit uses quite often invisible tables to format RTF documents. Just use Format > Table… to check if the current selection uses a table.

And if it does? how to extract all the text, since I cannot see the table extents?

You could remove the table by setting the number of colums or rows to 0.