Format previews/switching for captures in Devonthink

Hey Devontech team!

I was wondering if there was a better (easier/faster) way of switching between capture formats. The problem that I’m encountering is the fact that no one format is good for all website sources. Sometimes the uncluttered version is not in a readable format or capture to markdown (as an example) is missing information. I believe this is fine, all websites are different and I’m not expecting all edge cases to be fixed.

My current approach is to capture into all of the different formats available, compare them in DEVONthink and delete the ones I don’t want. It’s a bit tedious. In the end what I’d request is either a way to preview the different capture formats in the clipper, or to quickly cycle the format while in DEVONthink (effectively recapturing the source with the next format).

The above feature or requirement might already be somewhere in the product but I’m not sure where?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Cody


Similar needs here.

Another solution would be to be able to define default format per web domain.

There is no such functionality and previewing the different captures would cause a lot of overhead. The request is noted but certainly not trivial to implement.


Previews were the stretch request/solution to be honest, I’d be happy with cycling captures and it remembering the last used capture format. Just wanted you to know this a problem I, and apparently others, face.

One of the most effective way would certainly be to improve how DT captures “clutter-free” on the most frequent content platforms.

That is: solving the root cause that makes us juggle formats rather than helping us juggle.

It’s actually conceptually an interesting (and cool) concept, but just noting it would definitely incur overhead.

it remembering the last used capture format

At least on the Mac, the Clip to DEVONthink browser extension remembers the last captured format.
iOS is technologically distinct so it doesn’t. However, this is on our (long) list of potential enhancements for DEVONthink To Go. :slight_smile: