Formatted note vs web archive

Is anyone able to let me know the difference between formatted notes and and web archive? As far as can tell they are very similar and not sure if there are any advantages or disadvantages to using one or the other (I mostly clip with the clutter free option turned on or using the services menu for selected text select web archive.) Thanks for any tips.

A formatted note is HTML based, but is something you can edit.

A .webarchive is a standalone representation of a web page. The .webarchive is editable, but not easily. You can refresh a .webarchive from the source URL, and the contents of a .webarchive can possibly change depending on the dynamic elements on the page at the source URL. So, .webarchives are not necessary fully “permanent”.

The clutter free option sends the data from the source URL through a parser that simplifies the content, before that simplified content is save in DEVONthink. YMMV – sometimes the de-cluttering makes a big mess, depending on the content of the original page.


Thanks for the reply and explanation Korm. I didn’t realise the webarchive format was potentially able to refresh. Is this the same if I clip selected text as a webarchive via the services menu?