Formatting Notes

How do I control the width of the text if I create a new rich text document and use it to develop a draft?  That is, how do I set page format, document properties, etc.?  As of now, my pages appear to be 13 inches wide (unless I do manual carriage returns).

I have found A way of doing this, although not the best.  I found that I could show the ruler; I then moved the downard-pointing arrow to the margin I wanted; I then selected all the text and used Devon Think/Format/Reformat, which probably uses one of the services that I got a few weeks ago from the Devon web site.  So, problem is solved, but I didn’t find this quickly or intuitively.  Is there an easier way?

Yes, this is a command of WordService and the only way to remove line breaks if you’ve added them. Otherwise (without line breaks) the text is automatically adapted to the ruler or window size.