Formatting of jpg files

I’ve imported loads of material from Evernote to DTPO quite a while ago and everything has seemed fine (other than a few clipped web pages looking strange – but that’s been discussed here on the forum).

I have a bunch of jpg images among the imported materials. They all look fine in DTPO. However, I just discovered something strange that I don’t understand.

I wanted to export several of these jpgs from DTPO. When I did, I noticed that some of them exported as html files rather than jpgs and I don’t understand why.

When I look in DTPO, I see that in the Kind column (I’m looking at the 3 panes display) the ones that exported as html files are listed as Formatted in the Kind column. The ones that exported as jpgs are listed as such.

So I have two questions: how did the import process turn those images into “formatted” kinds and is there any way that I can get them back to jpg?


I discovered some more information that might be of interest. I said that these images were imported from Evernote (EN) and that’s true. But those images in EN came from a variety of sources, on of which was MS OneNote (ON).

There’s a long post from me that you can see at Importing from OneNote for Mac that explains how to get notes from ON into EV in order to get the ON notes into DTPO.

All the images that are Kind Formatted are those that came into DTPO from EN via ON.

So that answers the question of why these images are different from the others that came from EN. But I’m still wondering how I can get these Kind->Formatted images into jpgs after I export them from DTPO and they come out as html and open in a browser when clicked rather than in Preview.

TIA again,

Try selecting the image in the document in DEVONthink and dragging it out. You may end up with a filename like 001.img or something, but the Formatted Note is essentially a web page.

Terrific, Jim. Dragged it to the desktop and it was named unknown.jpeg. This will work for me. There are only 33 of them. I can rename them as I drop them.

I appreciate the help.


No problem.