Forthcoming Geo-Location functionality

I’ve just seen the blog post at … ss/?p=1074

This looks very promising! What excites me is the possibility (please say it could be so!) of mining documents for place names (using OpenCalais, GeoPlanet or GeoNames for example).

I work with a lot of archaeological texts and to be able to see the geographic coverage of my database would be stunningly useful. Historians would get rather excitable about that too.

Are there plans to take the geolocation functionality beyond ‘place of document creation’?

Yes, and will there be a foursquare badge?

I’ve just sat down to do some research on some archaeological sites, and it reminded me of this post. Is there any news on geospatial features yet?

I would love to be able to geotag documents in DEVONthink. Many of the documents that I will find will relate to locations, and some of the patterns that I find may well be spotted spatially as well as textually.

I could use GIS to do this, but I’m keen on linking a marker or polygon on a map with research, and it’s cumbersome to do in a GIS package.

I imagine, as in iPhoto, a simple Google (or OpenStreetMap) map onto which I can drag documents to place a pin, or add a document to an existing pin. Or, I could enter the coordinates manually. I could choose the colour of the pin, or pick from a few styles, similar to how it currently works in Google Earth.

Maybe I could then do a search - give me all documents within a radius of a particular location. That would be amazing to me.

Would others find this useful?