Forum Registration won't accept Gmail accounts

I need to update my email address with the forum, but it won’t seem to accept addresses.
It says, “Sorry this email address has been banned”

Obviously my brand new gmail address which has never been associated with this forum could not have been banned…
So, I tried another gmail address and it also said it was banned…

We’ve banned several hosts as they’ve been quite often used to spam the member list or even the forum. We know that this can be sometimes annoying but having spam members or postings can be even more annoying, IMHO.

Well, Gmail is going to be my primary email address from now on.
Soon I will be relinquishing my domain name that I had been using for all of my email contacts.

So if you want my Forums info to be correct I suggest that you ‘unban’ Gmail.

Sorry to be so curt, but I have over 100 sites to update my address with and this is the only one so far that I have had a problem with…

The email address is basically only necessary for registering and not important afterwards anymore (as we don’t send mass emails to forum members of course).

but what about topic notifications?

I’ve unbanned (let’s hope we don’t get spammed again)

Our experience with gmail registrants was very bad, leading to the decision to block it.

It appeared almost as if every spammer and scammer in the world had gotten a gmail address, then figured out how to automatically register on forum sites.

Some then trolled discussion threads, often inserting very inappropriate material.

That kind of distraction immediately stopped when gmail addresses were banned.

Now that Christian has removed the block, let’s hope the spammers and scammers have forgotten us. (But I don’t think so, as Randy Newman sings.)