Found 1/2 the solution

Well, I logged out and then restarted my computer and Devonthink showed up in the Services. It will append plain text, but not rich text. Any experience with this out there. Any help would be appreciated.


John B.

Hi John: in what manner does DT not append rich text? When you pull down services menu, is “Append Rich Note” selection greyed-out? Or is it enabled, but when you choose it, nothing happens?

If it’s grey-out, then it’s probably because you haven’t selected any text in your original application. OTOH, if it’s enabled but doesn’t seem to work, it probably is working – check the bottom of the most recently created rtf file in your DT db. Your selected text should be appended to it.

After appending a plain text, convert it to rich text by Cmd-A (Select All) and Cmd-T. The Cmd-T toggles a text selection from Plain to Rich, as you prefer. I do it to keep all my RTs in the same default font, Times New Roman. Drawbacks: you will lose bold and italic fonts, so if they are hugely important, then you need to use the Services menu. Be sure that you have selected the text to append before using the Services command.