Found nice feature in Safari today and would like to know mo

Sorry for this being a very basic question but I have no idea how to repeat it or if it works with other apps than safari. Playing around in safari today I was extremely surpsrised when I pressed command + 7 - as you all know this most likely it that a hotkey strictly for safari? Finder or other apps like that don’t have drop menus as pretty as the one in safari? Lastly… I guess I don’t see the necessity with finder but looks nice. I was never able to find this command + 7 hotkey in services or devonthink… can you help a poor newbie who just bought devonthinkpro.


Command-7 doesn’t do anything over here (Safari 4.0.3), checked German and English localizations.

The Command-1 through Command-9 keys in Safari are reserved for the first 9 bookmarks in the Bookmarks Bar. I would speculate that cbd has one of the clip to DT bookmarklets in the 7th position and Christian does not have 7 bookmarks saved in the Bookmarks Bar.

Sounds reasonable :wink:

Right on the money Greg, I feel a bit stupid now lol. As I added bookmarks I was confused why it did not work anymore and with your suggestion I went back to my bookmarks, found the bookmarklet I had added from this site. First one listed on the bookmarklet page. I told you I was a newbish. Thank you for your responses Greg_Jones and cgrunenberg. By the way, best looking bookmarklet I have ever used!


That is correct. So for example, the 8th item on my Safari bar is “clip to DT” script which is a fantastic shortcut I use all the time. You could add other shortcuts if you wish. Potential there…