Four requests for consideration


I know the first one has been discussed but I don’t recall a definitive answer.

  1. Have all notes, incoming, imports go to the same folder, specified in the preferences, by default. This can’t be all that difficult can it?

  2. When capturing a note from a captured page/webarchive, have it captured to the same group as the original (or make it an option?)

  3. When converting a file from one format to another (ie, a webarchive or pdf to rtf, for example) is there a way to automatically link the converted file to the original file in the DT database (in get info for example)?

We may not always keep the same title. The URL from a webarchive seems to be transferred to a captured note there but is not a link to the file in the DT database.

  1. Is it possible to code the groups window to automatically expand/contract when a group is opened/closed? It would be super convenient to keep the window as small as possible, while floating and be able to have it open up to display a full list of folders, when needed.

Perhaps these requests will become moot with the advent of 2.x.
If so, that answer is fine. I don’t want to unnecessarily create more work for our busy devs by adding/duplicating work.



Cricket… cricket… cricket…

Christian sees suggestions. Some will make it, some won’t. In any case, they are appreciated. :slight_smile:

I like the idea of linking a conversion to the original. That could be useful. To expand it a bit, if I’ve imported a Pages document and print it as PDF, it would be neat to have a link to the original from the PDF copy.

Thanks Bill.

the pdf example is one specific area of which I was thinking.