FoxTrot and searching PDFs with Boolean operators

Ive been trialling FoxTrot as a workaround for the fact that DT can’t Boolean search PDFs, at least in terms of finding hits. Can anyone confirm what I suspect that FoxTrot cant “see” into the DT databases? If you want your search results Boolean ranked you have to pull out the PDFs one by one into a Foxtrot indice? Which is pretty painful if that is the case?

Am I missing a trick here?

Have you tried indexing the Files.noindex folder for the database? Just right-click on the database name in Finder to Show Package Contents, and then drag Files.noindex into the Manage Indices window of FoxTrot. It should then index all the items in the database as if they were outside the package.

? Could you clarify what you’re doing / expecting here?

Just a safety note: While this is indeed possible, we do not advocate people go poking about in the internal structure of their databases.

Another approach is to make sure FoxTrot is indexing ~/Library/Caches/Metadata/. You will then pull up the Spotlight-indexed Devonthink items within the FoxTrot search framework.

Agree – and if you double-click the item in the Fox Trot results panel you’ll open the document in that DEVONthink database. (The Fox Trot Pro default for this action is ⌘Enter, and you can configuring F.T. Pro to use double-click instead.) The beauty of this is that you can search across all databases that you have enabled for Spotlight Indexing (see database properties for each database), and once DEVONthink has created the index it will keep it up to date every time you open the database(s) – a very fast and invisible process. You can also search your databases in Fox Trot (or Spotlight or Houdah Spot) without DEVONthink being open.

A superior process to indexing files.noindex.

Wow, I hadn’t configured Foxtrot for this… it works great!

If the cache contained tags, I would move far more files inside DT databases. I am happy with DT for its core features, but I want to be able to have other apps do to my files what they are good at -tagging is one of these areas.