[FR] customize template for copying annotations

When copying annotations, DT now gives extra information about timestamp and author (which I haven’t checked in the panel), and omits other information, such as the type of color (blue or yellow) and annotation links:


Current output:

36 Highlight Me 1/3/24, 10:11:45 PM Sync Locations:
36 Highlight Me 1/3/24, 10:11:43 PM SYNC BASICS

Desired output:

36 %colorType% Me %annotationLink% Sync Locations:
36 %colorType% Me %annotationLink% SYNC BASICS

The “Insert Summarized Annotation” option does not provide information about color type in markdown or plaintext, so it’s not a workaround.

Feature request:

  1. Would it be possible to customize this template so that we could extract the needed metadata with annotations? I read about templates in the manual, but it’s all about item-level metadata, none of them are for annotations.
  2. I understand that it is hard to label the various colored annotations made from outside of DT, but as long as we can bulk edit the color type of selected annotations, we can manually standardize them to a limited number of labeled colors.

It’s actually not a template and therefore not customizable. A future release might extend copying but no promises.

Sure, looking forward to future developments.