Frantic! Used Sorter and an entire database vaporized

I dragged a Group from a database to the Sorter this morning and it disappeared from the Sorter, which is not a big deal, but also is entirely gone from my DT Pro Office database and, as far as I can tell, from my drive. Further, after opening and closing DTP a few times my back up files are of the much-reduced database.

Am at my wits end trying to find where files went to; worst case scenario I can’t imagine that they were completely vaporized simply by using Sorter, but they’re not in Devon or system trash.

All suggestions gratefully received, as what’s gone are pdfs of my credit card receipts for 2011.

Many thanks!

Did you drag the group from DT Pro to an inbox or a folder in the Sorter?

Do you have a time machine back up of your machine that you can revert back to?

I dragged a group from DT Pro to an empty “box” in the sorter, which somehow removed from the larger database it was part of and vaporized it.

I did have a time machine backup so I retrieved my files, but I’m incredibly shaken by the experience. DT Pro is an integral part of my life now so I’ll continue to use it, but will develop a less casual and much more paranoid backup protocol.

In other words, this was scary. If you have any ideas about what happened (so I can ensure I don’t do the same thing again) I’d be most grateful.

I understand that it was obviously a worry to potentially have lost your data.

I am trying to replicate the same scenario on my machine at the moment with out success. Which version of Mac OS X and DT Pro are you running?

Best regards

DT Pro Office 2.1.1
Mac OS X 10.6.7 in 2.93 Ghz Core i7 iMac with 12 GB RAM

My guess is it’s not going to replicable (I tried several times yesterday without success) — probably electrons that got themselves in a snit.

As I noted, I’ve got a much more robust backup system in place now.