Freature request: Fuzzy search in browser extension & small icon showing if already exists

It would be great if a fuzzy search could be implemented here (for groups).
As well as in the settings menu (like iterm2 has).

And last but not least a small icon showing if I already added an item of the same name or not.
( has fuzzy and icon perfectly).

Is there a way to hotkey the sorter to cmd + d ? (raindrop does this too).

EDIT: I made it work in Firefox and mapped it to (Shift + CapsLock (which is mapped to ctrl systemwide) + A) . This corresponds to my mapping for Devonthink in Mailmate(best e-mail client ever).


Thanks for the suggestions. In DEVONthink 3->Preferences under the Sorter tab you can define the hotkeys for common tasks such as creating a new note, copying selected text into a new note and clipping the url from a browser.

Yes that works systemwide? but not in Chrome (or any of my chrome based browsers).

I will update here as soon as I am able to map it to Shift + CTRL(CapsLock in my case) + A in Chrome.

Another thing I noticed is that upon clip the website always refreshes.

Is this needed/intended behaviour?

Gawd :slight_smile:

So, in Chrome it works now too.

It just is a massive ux fail. When entering the extensions menu no extension has an shortcut option.

BUT if you click the extension hamburger menu again in the left top corner it shows the shortcut menu…

From there I was able to assign my shortcut.


Hi everyone.

Again I want to stress that a fuzzy search for the browser extension would be god send.

Right now I have to add everything to inbox and then sort it manually a second time into the folders.

But with fuzzy search I could add everything MUCH faster. This would be a great feature and I hopet his gets added.

This is really the single most important feature that’s missing imho.


does anyone here ever care about what their users need?

That’s on our to-do list, like many other things.

  1. Determining a need isn’t based on an individual but the group. There are many things I’ve needed that were specific only to me.
  2. Have you ever read our version histories?