Free upgrade expires?

I got a strange popup on my iPhone today, attached.

I’m pretty sure that I payed for the DTTG 3 update!

What’s up? :flushed:

This has already been discussed on the forums. And did you tap the thumbs up icon at the bottom of the page?

Yes, I did.

Was that OK?
Or wrong?

I’m on the street and only with my iPhone, so I did not search the forum properly - sorry for that.

EDIT: Reading those topics now, back on iPad :sweat_smile:

No worries.

When you tapped the thumb icon, is DEVONthink To Go operational as expected?

And it’s not clear but did you update to DEVONthink To Go 3.1.6?

I started on the iPhone again and saw the same banner.
But after klicking the thumb-up, DTTG seems to work!

I never had notifications enabled :sweat_smile:

I still have 3.1.5 on the iPhone! Did not update…

The iPad has 3.1.6 and did not show the banner!

Generally make sure you’re staying current with our point releases.

is there at all a free read-only-version of DTTG?

See this answer to a very similar question

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