Freelance Developer Needed for Help with Scripting project


I would like to implement a script that transfers citations and file attachments from Zotero (running inside Firefox) to Devonthink Pro.

Is there a developer who would be intersted in working on this as a freelance project?

If so please contact me via email through this Forum.

Are you not also running the Zotero standalone?

Do you realize it would likely be a one way trip from Zotero to DEVONthink?

Yes, I also am running Zotero standalone. I most access Zotero from the browser, but if for some reason it’s easier to develop this to only be accessed from the stanalone app then I could live with that.

The ability to send data both ways would be ideal, but if it’s only possible to go from Zotero to Devonthink I can live with that.