Freezing window when following hyperlinks


Sometimes I get a frozen window that has to be killed (without having to restart DTP though) when I do the follow:

  • I have an RTF document open in its own window. Within my text, I have wiki-links to images that reside somewhere else in my database.
  • I click in the link to open an image, which (as expected) is displayed in the same window I had for the text.
  • After looking at the image of interest, and then I try to go back to my text in the same window, SOMETIMES the window freezes. The GO menu keeps in its blue-highlight as if it were stalled doing the requested job.
  • I have to kill the corresponding non-responsive window.

Fortunately, DTP keeps alive, and I can switch to other open documents and windows, so once killed the frozen window I can keep working within DTP. The problem is that if this freezing behavior happens more than 2-3 times in a day, it starts to be annoying. Perhaps the frozen window could steal memory resources too, but I hadn’t checked this, though (I use to kill the window in question as soon as I realize is in troubles).

Is this a known bug? Will be fixed anytime soon?



Is there anything logged to the system console (see /Applications/Utilities/ when this happens? In addition, could you create a sample using Apple’s Activity Monitor the next time the application seems to be frozen and send it to our support address? Thanks!