Fresh install of OS X and DT3

i’m gonna do a fresh install of catalina and DT3 in next few days.
is this the best solution regarding DT3:

  1. move all indexed files & folders into DT3
  2. copy folder library/app support/dt3
  3. copy my own DT scripts and templates
  4. copy preferences from library/preferences/…
  5. install DT3, open it and close it
  6. replace files and folders from 2, 3 and 4
  7. move everything to external folder for indexing

i believe that’s the whole process

This should work. But I would highly recommend additional backups of your important data & documents before doing a fresh install, not just one copy.

thanks. yes, i have 3 backups on 3 external drives (2 with carbon copy cloner and 1 with time machine = not to have a headache)

Why are you moving the files into the database only to move them back out of the database?

to be sure that the files i moved to another folders inside DT2 (i.e. they haven’t been mirrored in Finder; only DT3 has that cool function) are in proper folders in Finder, ie. to have the same structure in DT3 and in Finder