From DA as browser bookmarks to DTP - always?

Hi again,
I’m experimenting to use DA as the every-day browser coming from Firefox.
(Until now I was using DA to perform all special internet search jobs.)

With “cmd B” I can open all my old Bookmarks from Firefox. But I can’t save new URLs to those existing bookmark folders, right?

Of course if I press “alt + cmd + K” I can save new URLs to DTP - but is there a way to add quickly an URLs in the folders of the sidebar of my old Bookmarks “inside” DA directly?

… just to optimize my workflow…


You decide in Preferences (bookmarks) which bookmarks you want to use, e.g. the Firefox bookmarks or from Safari etc. or from DA. If you choose DA you can add new bookmarks through the the Go menu. There you find “add bookmark” which will add the active URL to DA’s sidebar.

But, you will not able to reach your Firefox bookmarks anymore. You have to decide.

Correction: There ist the possibillity to import your Firefox bookmarks. At the bottom of the sidebar there is an action menu, there you will find “import” and then list of your browsers.