from folder structure to tag based search

Is it possible to automatically convert folder names to tags?
I used to store all my documents in folders according to subject, but now find it is much more convenient to tag all the files and store them in one place. Is there a way to automatically assign the folder name as a tag to a file?

Thank you,

Yes, DEVONthink can do this for you automatically, but you will need to do some prep work. First, go into the File menu, database properties for each of your databases and uncheck ‘Exclude Groups From Tagging’.

Then you will need to convert your existing groups to make them tag groups. To do this, select a group, bring up the info panel (command-shift-i), and uncheck the ‘Exclude From Tagging’. Repeat for your remaining groups, as needed, and you are all set. Note that you can still leave some groups checked to keep the group name from being assigned as a tag, and you can also assign additional regular tags by entering them into the Tag field in the info pane.