From HTML to HTML - Moving from Evernote

I have been test driving DT in order to move from Evernote (15,000 notes) and one issue I noticed is that Evernote pages in HTML with photos seem to transfer to DT without photos or PDF+text. Is there a workaround for it? I tried to convert from Formatted Note to Web Archive or HTML without a positive result

Thanks for any help

Uising the latest release (3.7) I have no problem converting notes from Evernote;
. images and pdfs are preserved

You indicated HTML to HTML conversion

The conversion process uses Evernote’s export feature,
. via enex format data (not html)
. images and pdfs are embedded

The converted notes are Formatted Note format
. the images imbedded
. pdfs are preserved as separate files

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Thanks . Are you using Evernote 10? Maybe this could be the difference, me using good old version 7
Thanks again

@ZafS Here was my successful process:

  1. Go to Evernote’s website and download the legacy version.
  2. Launch the EN legacy version, sign in, and sync. Keep EN open.
  3. Switch back DT3, select the database you are importing to.
  4. Use the menu commands: File > Import > Notes from Evernote.
  5. A pop-up window will display the list of your notebooks. Use COMMAND+Shift to select multiple.
  6. Click “OK” and “poof”, your data is safe and sound in a separate group in your DT3 database.

BTW - this process is SO MUCH simpler than trying to move from EN to OneNote.

I’m using the Evernote Legacy product
Note: The EN>DT import process is not functional with EN v10

Maybe you should provide details on your EN>DT conversion process

I am doing exactly as nedzb prescribed above.
I believe the issue us that I haev saved in Evernote a few web clippings with Javascript and seems these do not transfer well.
I transferred a couple of enex files individually and they were ok but when there was JS in the page then it transfers over only the menus of the web page

BTW - this process is SO MUCH simpler than trying to move from EN to OneNote

Glad to hear it! :slight_smile:

Happy to report that for some reason some pages look a bit broken on the Mac while on the ios devices are perfectly fine which is a bit weird! but seems all in all the system works

Broken in what way?
Screen captures could be helpful.