From Trial to Full Version


I presumed that moving from Trial to the full paid version simply involved inputting the license code and would not harm any created databases. I worked a few days with the trial version and created many clippings with notes and keywords. It was all very exciting discovering Devonthink. But I now find that all those clippings have disappeared from the Inbox, even tho’ the changes I made in the preferences panel of the Trial version have remained.

Does anyone know if there’s any chance of recuperating the work I’ve lost?

This is obviously an inauspicious start. I am now concerned about the stability of the product and hope that this is not a Yosemite compatibility issue (I’m running 10.10.5). I’m also wondering what happens when Devonthink crashes – do you lose everything you’ve done in that session?

A final question from this newcomer: since the forum is predominantly in English I’d like to change the operating language for Devonthink to English. Is reinstalling the only way to do this?

Many thanks for any help anyone can give me. As you can see, I’m needing some reassurance!


Please start a Support Ticket.