Frozen (kind of) DT Pro Office

Have been using new version of DT Pro Office for about 3 weeks. It has been working wonderfully. But the other day, I went to open it and after doubleclicking on the Icon I could see it at the top of my screen as menus, but everything is grayed out except a few possible actions (services, hide, import, export). “Open a file” was an option but cannot actually open a file from there. I’m kind of stymied. Anyone have any ideas?

Sounds like the initial demo time expired.

You can request a 30-day trial license at the fourth “lifesaver” symbol on the Support page. (See under the Help menu.)

Thanks Bill. Unfortunately, I’ve paid in full, registered the copy when I first bought it. The license appears when I check it.

Two possible issues. I am using a database on an I-disk. I don’t know if this is recommended or not.

Also, my add-ins keep slipping. I have installed and use them successfully, they disappear, I try reinstalling multiple times, eventually it works. Then they disappear again.

Using databases directly from iDisk definitely isn’t recommended and even strongly discouraged. Storing backups of databases on iDisk is fine; there’s even a “Backup to iDisk” script bundled with DTPO you can use to do it.

There are lots of posts about iDisk usage:

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Ok, thanks. My mistake. Will correct it and see if problem goes away.

Actually, it’s my mistake. :blush:

Seems possible to use DT with a db stored on iDisk, according to this FAQ:

Can I share my DEVONthink database using the iDisk?

I would still recommend against actually running a DT database from iDisk, pending release of a plugin the developers have been working on to make that safer.

Even then I would emphasize two precautions: ALWAYS CLOSE the database(s) after access on one computer, prior to accessing the database(s) on the second computer, otherwise database damage could occur; and REMEMBER that data transfers via the “cloud” may be much SLOWER (and potentially flakier) than database transfers on your locacal computer - premature modification of an incompletey synchronized database could create chaos.

Once in a while, Apple announces that MobileMe will be down for a period for maintenance or update. - as was announced last week. My interpretation of that is that I’m not in full control of access to my data. As I’m sometimes a bit of a control freak, I would choose to run my databases on a portable external drive when I need to frequently migrate among computers. There are fewer thngs that can go wrong in that procedure, and I’m in control. “Sneakernet” is an old and time-tested way of moving data among computers.

In either case, “cloud” synchronization or sneakernet, it’s prudent to keep complete backups of databases in another location, e.g., using Scripts > Export > Daily Database Archive, or Scripts > Export > database archive to iDisk, JungleDisk or ZumoDrive. Think about the Bad Things that could happen (from stolen equipment to a major solar flare) and use a backup strategy to “insure” your data.

Well, Bill’s advice re open databases is exactly right, since I think the problems originated with using the DB on an Air and a Mini. Perhaps I didn’t close properly. Problems have gone away since using only Mini. But still seems like there needs to be some remote access solution, since I split between the two computers regularly, am often out with my Air when I want to capture stuff, and, obviously, don’t want two similar DBs. But thanks as always Bill for prompt, accurate advice.