Frustrated by frontmost functionality


As I tackle a new editorial project about ten times the size of my previous efforts I am trying to reengage with DevonThink as a primary tool. I have quickly run into a problem that has frustrated me the last few times I started doing this.

Forgive me if I’m not using the proper language to describe it, but I’m still struggling with my competency in this program. I capture a great many documents in DevonThink. And primarily what I use it for is as an extended memory bank of PDF and text files. I use the advanced search functions and I find precisely what I need and so I only open up a few documents and I’m all good.

Here is the problem: I’m trying to approach a bigger project and I am opening larger numbers of documents—30 or 40 at a time—skimming through each as I evaluate and format the information I have on hand. When I close the topmost document, the next document in the stack is not active. So instead of being exactly where I need to be in the sidebar tool I have to click to make that document active. In every other program I deal with when you close the top most window the next window below it becomes the active window. Why is this not happening? Is there a functional purpose to this that I’m missing? Or is it a bug?

Also, why do I care? Because I have carpal tunnel issues I’ve done some scripting and customizing of keystroke shortcuts to minimize as much as possible the movements that aggravate my condition. Having to click to activate every single document undermines how much work I can do in a sitting.

I’m currently running version 3.7 on a MacBook Air running 10.13.6.

Thanks for any assistance!


A screenshot before/after closing would be useful, thanks!

Does this still happen after switching the Sorter (see preferences) to menu extra?

No! Thank goodness there is at least that workaround. This has been driving me absolutely crazy. I’ll miss my sorter tab, but I don’t use it that much anymore, and can just drag files onto the dock.